Car Rental Safety Driving: Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is an advanced cruise control system that can also keep a set distance behind another vehicle. A sensor in front monitors the distance and relative speed of a vehicle ahead.

Car Rental Safety Driving: Pedestrian Detection

Pedestrian detection systems can detect people in front of vehicles, warn if anyone walks out into its path and then automatically activate the brakes if the driver fails to respond in time.

Car Rental Safety Driving: Night Vision Systems

Night vision helps drivers see people or animals in the distance at night. It generates a video image in real time in either the heads-up display or on a monitor in the instrument panel.

Car Rental Safety Driving: Backing Aids

Backing aids detect the presence of objects behind a vehicle when it is in reverse (backing up). Most use ultrasonic sensors. When sensors detect an object behind a vehicle, the system turns on a warning light or a warning sound to let you know how close your vehicle is to the object.

Car Rental Safety Driving: Advanced Forward Lighting Systems

Advanced Forward Lighting System is a term used for lights that can automatically adapt to changing driving conditions (road and visibility). Some systems can swivel the main beams left and right up to 15 degrees according to the vehicle’s travel path (angle of the curve) and speed. This provides greater lighting to the road ahead.

Car Rental Safety Driving: Lane Keeping Assistance

Lane keeping assistance helps you correct the course of your vehicle. The system uses a forward-looking camera that detects lane markings in front of the vehicle. It applies a brief corrective action (steering or braking) or it can provide additional steering force and make a warning sound if your vehicle starts to drift outside the […]

Car Rental Safety Driving: Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning systems detect markings in the road and warn a driver if he or she unintentionally leaves their lane without using the turn signal. Most systems use a forward facing camera mounted inside the windscreen by the rear view mirror.

Car Rental Safety Driving: Forward Collision Warning and Braking

Forward collision warning systems sense when the vehicle ahead is slowing or stopped and alert the driver of the risk of a possible crash. While most systems use radar, some use a laser, or camera.

Car Rental Safety Driving: Blind Spot Detection

Blind Spot Detection systems warn a driver that a vehicle is in his or her blind spot –areas to the side and rear of the vehicle outside the driver’s view.

Car Rental Safety Driving: Traction Control

Traction Control provides the vehicle with maximum traction by preventing wheel spin when accelerating. These systems use the same wheel speed sensors as the ABS to monitor wheel speed and limit wheel spin from excessive throttle applications by braking and/or reducing engine power to the drive wheels.