The Canadian Automobile Association, commonly known as CAA, is a non-profit federation, founded in 1913, of nine clubs across Canada, providing roadside assistance service, a complete range of auto touring and leisure travel services, insurance services, and member discounts with preferred companies.
CAA offers exceptional Emergency Roadside Service, Member Savings, and comprehensive Automobile, Travel and Insurance services

The CAA is the leading advocate for Canada’s motorists and travellers, and is affiliated with the American Automobile Association (AAA) of the United States. Many English-language TourBooks and maps about Canada distributed by CAA clubs are published by AAA, and carry both CAA and AAA branding.

CAA Membership Options

  • Basic: $67.00/year
  • Plus: $107.00/year
  • Plus RV: $137.00/year
  • Premier: $137.00/year
  • Premier RV: $162.00/year




Plus RV


Premier RV

Vehicle Coverage
Road Service Coverage
10km towing*
200km towing*
320km Towing
Battery Assist
Emergency gasoline+
Extrication Service
Flat Tire Service
Lock-out Service
Specialized Towing Equipment

*The vehicle will be towed to the responding facility, a facility on the return route, or to any destination of your choice.

**Vehicles eligible for coverage with the Basic membership type are Valid licensed 4-wheeled, motor driven cars, pickups, vans, campers and motor homes. Dual wheeled, unloaded pickup trucks are eligible for all services except tire service with Basic and Plus membership (tire service is only available with a Plus RV Membership). Rented passenger and commercial vehicles (excluding taxis and limousines). Dual wheel licensed motorhomes, loaded dual wheel pickup trucks, campers; fifth wheel trailers, and the following types of trailers: travel, unloaded horse, snowmobile, utility and boat (eligible for towing, extrication and tire service with plus RV membership; light service can be provided with basic membership)

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