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Compact Class

economy class Hyundai Accent (or similar) **Daily Rate $35.00**
**Weekly Rate $210.00**
**Monthly Rate $800.00**
Please call for details


full size class Ford Taurus (or similar)
**Dayly Rate $40.00**
**Weekly Rate $250.00**
**Monthly Rate $900.00**
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Mini Van/7 Seater

minivan Chevy Uplander (or similar) **Daily Rate $50.00**
**Weekly Rate $300.00**
**Monthly Rate $1000.00**
Please call for details

Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon (or similar)

  • Manufacturer: General Motors Production 2004-present (U.S.), 2004-present (Thailand), 2012-present (Brazil)
  • Assembly: Shreveport, Louisiana, United States; Rayong, Thailand; São José dos Campos, Brazil Predecessor: Chevrolet S-10 / GMC Sonoma
  • Class: Mid-size pickup truck
  • Body style: 2-door regular cab; 4-door extended cab; 4-door crew cab
  • Layout: Front-engine, rear-wheel drive/four-wheel drive
  • Platform: GMT355
  • Engine: 2.8L ( LK5 I4; 2.9L ( LLV I4; 3.5L ( L52 220hp I5; 3.7L ( LLR I5; 5.3L ( LH8 V8
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual; 4-speed automatic
  • Wheelbase: Regular cab 111.2in (2,824mm); Extended cab 126in (3,200mm)
  • Length: Regular cab 192in (4,877mm); Extended cab 207.1in (5,260mm)
  • Width: 68in (1,727mm)
  • Height: 65in (1,651mm)



Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon (or similar)

Cheap Car & Pick-Up/Cargo Class Vehicle Rental in Toronto

Do you live in Toronto and are you planning a home move? If so, you will no doubt find it difficult to transport all of your belongings in a single trip with your own car or SUV. The good news, however, is that at Car Rental Toronto 4U, we make pick-up and cargo class vehicles available for rental which can cater for most (if not all) of your upcoming domestic moving needs.

Why Hire a Truck as Opposed to an SUV?

If you are moving cargo, a cheap pick-up truck rental in Toronto makes more sense than hiring an SUV, simply due to the fact that with pick-up trucks, people benefit from significantly more storage space and easier access to that storage space when loading and unloading cargo items.

Of course, added storage with a pick-up truck does come at the expense of smaller cabin areas and less passenger seating. Usually, however, people hauling cargo from point to point don’t do so with more than one or two passengers at a time in the first place.

Better Fuel Economy & Versatility

While SUV’s can be used to haul cargo if passenger seating is collapsed, a pick-up rental will often make more sense overall, due simply to the fact that our cargo class vehicles don’t guzzle gas nearly as much as their SUV counterparts. At the same time, because a pick-up will usually be lighter than an SUV, a cargo class vehicle will usually be easier to handle on the road, even when laden with heavy goods and moving boxes.

Why Might you Choose to Hire a Pick-Up in the First Place?

At Car Rental Toronto 4U, the majority of our pick-up truck rental clients are Toronto residents who are moving from one part of the city to another. At the same time, however, many people also choose to hire our cargo vehicles, in order to transport everything from specialized landscaping and construction equipment to new white goods and home furnishings. This being the case, if you are uncertain in regard to whether a pick-up rental might be right for you, simply make sure to reach out to us directly in order to discuss your specific cargo moving needs prior booking.

Why hire a Pick-Up in Toronto with Car Rental Toronto 4U?

While there is far from a shortage of self-drive car hire services in Toronto, only Car Rental Toronto 4U is committed to providing Toronto residents with first class rental experiences coupled with the most affordable prices possible. In fact, as well as being 30% cheaper than other car rental companies in Toronto, we also offer discounts on weekly and monthly rental services. This way, if you need to hire a pick-up for use over a prolonged period of time, we can guarantee to provide you with the best rental rates in the Toronto area.

Other Benefits:

  • No extra fees for additional drivers
  • Free pick up and drop off of vehicles across much of Toronto
  • Protection packages and damage waivers available on request
  • Free kilometers on most rentals
  • Guaranteed final check out rates (within free mileage range)

Reserve your Car or Pick-Up Truck Rental Today

While we’re committed to the provision of cheap car and truck rental in Toronto, the one thing which we don’t do is compromise on the safety or reliability of our vehicles. This being the case, whatever you might need to hire a truck to help you move, you can be assured none of our vehicles will let you down when it comes to road safety or performance. This being the case, make sure to secure your booking today by calling or contacting us directly to enquire further.