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Ford Begins Real-World Testing of Future Car-to-Car and Car-to-Infrastructure Communication Technologies

AACHEN, Germany, Aug. 6, 2012 – Ford Motor Company today begins real-world testing of future technologies as part of a research programme aimed at advancing car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication on European roads.

Car Rental Safety Driving: Driving the Speed Limit

Obey the maximum speed limit posted on signs along our roads and highways, but always drive at a speed that will let you stop safely. As a general rule, drive at the same speed as traffic around you without going over the speed limit.

Car Rental Safety Driving: Always Check Your Blind Spot

When driving, keep your eyes constantly moving, scanning the road ahead and to the side. Check your mirrors every five seconds or so. When using mirrors there is an area on each side of your vehicle where you cannot see. You may not see people or vehicles when they are in these spots.

Safety Driving Starts with You – Don’t be an Aggressive Driver

Occasionally, motorists have found themselves in unpleasant situations involving abusive gestures or language from another driver who takes issue with how they drive. Anxiety and frustration can quickly spark an aggressive or careless driver who tailgates, speeds, fails to yield the right of way among other behaviours.

Reward Yourself with Complete Luxury at an Impressive Price: Lexus ES 350 MSRP – $39,500 :: ES 300h MSRP – $43,900

Toronto, ON (August 2, 2012) – The next-generation, 2013 Lexus ES sedan rewards drivers with a bold new design, dynamic performance, intuitive technology, and true luxury, – and does so at a suggested retail price that will surprise and delight Canadian guests.

Double Olympic champion Katarina Witt tests the “BMW C evolution” zero-emission electric scooter. 40 years after the Munich Games in 1972: BMW Group Olympic Ambassador visits Deutsches Haus.

London. The Summer Olympic Games in London are currently thrilling the international public – just as the Munich Games did with their unique atmosphere 40 years ago. To mark the 40th anniversary of the Munich Olympics, BMW Group Olympic Ambassador Katarina Witt was invited to a Munich ’72 theme evening at the Deutsches Haus (German […]

Next Generation Silverado Put to the Test

Oshawa, Ontario (Friday, July 13, 2012) – GM engineers are putting the next generation Chevrolet Silverado through the final paces at the company’s proving grounds in Yuma, Ariz. This water test is part of a rigorous product validation program that has helped make Silverado the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickup. The new Silverado will […]

2013 Cadillac ATS Priced from $35,195. New luxury sport sedan launches this summer

Oshawa, Ontario (Thursday, July 5, 2012) – The all-new, rear-wheel-drive Cadillac ATS compact luxury sport sedan, with a fuel-efficient 2.5L engine and next-generation six-speed transmission, is priced from $35,195, plus destination charges. Highway fuel consumption is rated at 6.0 L/100km.

Top 10 Reasons Terrain is Designed for Summer Road Trips. As summer holidays arrive, GMC’s compact crossover is ideal for a family adventure

Oshawa, Ontario (Tuesday, July 3, 2012) – With the summer travel season in full swing, owners of the GMC Terrain compact crossover are prepared for low-stress road trips thanks to smart engineering and purposeful technology. Here are the top 10 reasons to consider the Terrain for your next adventure.

Car Rental Safety Driving: Tire Pressure Monitors

Tire Pressure Monitors monitor the air pressure of all the wheels and alert the driver either by voice, message, or other warning signal when a tire’s pressure has dropped below a safe level. Two types of systems are currently in use: