407 Express Toll Route (ETR)

Highway 407, officially known as the 407 Express Toll Route (ETR), is a privately operated 400-series highway and toll way in Ontario. Despite being included as part of the 400-series network, Highway 407 is not part of the provincial highway network.

Highway 407 is the first electronically operated toll highway opened in the world; there are no toll booths along the length of the highway. Transponders or licence plates are read at entrance and exit points and distances calculated electronically. Drivers are mailed their bill several days later. For drivers without transponders, the automatic number plate recognition system is linked to several provincial and U.S. state motor vehicle registries.

If a driver has a 407 bill that is outstanding for more than 37 days, the 407 ETR will mail a “Notice of Failure to Pay” to the address they have on file for that driver. Unless the driver leases a transponder from the 407 ETR, all contact information about the driver is received from the Ministry of Transportation. At this point outstanding accounts will start accumulating interest (26.82% APR, compounded monthly). Additional administrative fees may also be charged on the account. If a driver receives a “Notice of Failure to Pay”, he or she can either pay the outstanding toll or, within 30 days of receiving the “Notice of Failure to Pay”, deliver the 407 ETR (preferably by registered mail) a Notice of Dispute listing one or more of the permitted grounds as set in the Highway 407 Act, Section 17(1). The Notice of Dispute is available for download from the 407 ETR’s website.

As of February 1, 2012, the base tolls for driving on the 407 are as follows:

Off-Peak Light duty Heavy duty Multi-Unit Heavy
Entire Highway 19.35 cents/km 38.70 cents/km 58.05 cents/km
Midday Light duty Heavy duty Multi-Unit Heavy
Entire Highway 21.00 cents/km 42.00 cents/km 63.00 cents/km
Peak Period Rates Light duty Heavy duty Multi-Unit Heavy
Light Zone 22.60 cents/km 45.20 cents/km 67.80 cents/km
Regular Zone 23.55 cents/km 48.40 cents/km 72.60 cents/km
Peak Hour Rates Light duty Heavy duty Multi-Unit Heavy
Light Zone 24.20 cents/km 47.10 cents/km 70.65 cents/km
Regular Zone 25.20 cents/km 50.40 cents/km 75.60 cents/km
Other Tolls Light duty Heavy duty Multi-Unit Heavy
Trip Toll 60 cents/trip 70 cents/trip 95 cents/trip
Video Toll (no transponder) $3.80/trip $50.00/trip $50.00/trip
Monthly Account Fee (no transponder) $3.00 $3.00 $3.00
Monthly Transponder Lease $3.00 $3.00 $3.00
Annual Transponder Lease $21.50 $21.50 $21.50
Peak Hours Minimum Trip Toll Charge (up to) N/A $11.00/trip $19.50/trip
Off-Peak Hours Minimum Trip Toll Charge (up to) N/A $10.50/trip $18.50/trip
  • The toll rate that applies to a specific trip is determined by the time in which the vehicle enters the highway.
  • Midday Rates are in effect from 10am-3pm, Monday through Friday except for holidays.
  • Peak Period Rates are in effect from 6am-7am, 9am-10am, 3pm-4pm and from 6pm-7pm, Monday through Friday except for holidays.
  • Peak Period 2 Rates are in effect from 7am-9am and from 4pm-6pm, Monday through Friday except for holidays.
  • The Regular Zone refers to sections of 407 ETR from Highway 403 (exit 24 at Mississauga/Halton Region boundary) to Brock Road in Pickering.
  • The Light Zone refers to the section of 407 ETR from QEW (in Burlington) to Highway 403 (exit 24)
  • Heavy Duty vehicles are assessed a minimum toll regardless of the length of their trip.
  • Light duty vehicles without transponders are assessed an additional Video Toll. Heavy duty vehicles are legally required to have transponders in order to use the highway. Motorcycles are not charged a video toll because there is rarely a reasonable place to mount a transponder.

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