Ford Taurus (or similar)

Chevrolet – Impala (or similar)

Full-Size Car Rental in Toronto

Are you visiting Toronto on Business? Alternatively, are you a Toronto business professional who needs a temporary replacement for your regular vehicle? If so, Car Rental Toronto 4U can help. This is because we provide a variety of Ford Taurus, Chevrolet Impala, and similar vehicles for hire in Toronto, all of which are ideally suited to a wide variety of business and leisure purposes.

Full-Size Car Rental for Superior Comfort

Full-size sedans are the most popular vehicle choice in America and Canada, due to the fact that full-size cars like sedans pair fantastic fuel economy with spacious interiors and sleek visual aesthetics. Moreover, given the popularity of sedans in North America, the chances are that if you drive a full-size car at home, you will feel much more comfortable hiring a full-size car when traveling than you would an SUV or smaller vehicle.

Of course, when looking for a cheap full-size car rental in Toronto, it is important to remember that sedans don’t provide people with the same space, off-road capability, or the same sporting image that an SUV can. This being the case, visitors to Toronto who plan on going off-road in the great Ontario outdoors, need to keep in mind that a full-size car might not always be the right choice for them. What full-size cars are perfect for, however, is city road and state highway driving. In fact, this is precisely why our own full-size car rentals are particularly popular among visiting business professionals.

Improved Road Safety & Fuel Economy

Because sedans are designed for city road and state highway driving, most models are lower to the ground that SUV’s. This gives our full-size cars better road purchase and makes sedans themselves much less likely to roll over in the event of an accident. For families traveling cross-country or people who have just moved to Toronto, this makes full-size vehicles the safest and most easy to handle cars to consider when thinking about renting or buying a vehicle.

Perfect for Projecting a Professional Business Appearance

As well as smoother and more comfortable driving, a full-size car rental is much more capable of helping you project a professional business image than and SUV or smaller car. This being the case, unless you really need things like extra cabin space and potential towing capacity, it is always best to hire a full-size sedan when visiting Toronto on business.

Car Rental Toronto 4U Benefits

At Car Rental Toronto 4U, we strive to provide cheap care rental services which cater for the needs of everyone from tourists to people relocating to Toronto. At the same time, we always attempt to offer our customers better deals than any other car rental firm in Toronto, by including free extras with each car rental agreement such as:

  • Free pick up and drop off for people arriving in and departing from Toronto
  • No airport tax liability
  • No charges for people who want to add extra drivers to vehicle rental agreements
  • Airport, train station, and ferry transfers
  • Up to 30% savings on all our full-size car rentals
  • Special weekly and monthly rental prices for people relocating and/or staying long-term in Toronto

Book your Full-Size car Rental in Toronto Today

Are you planning on visiting Toronto? If so, let us help you get around town as safely and as easily as possible by booking your Toronto vehicle rental today. Simply tell us when you will be arriving and how long you plan on renting a car for, and we’ll quote you the best price possible, regardless of what your specific travel plans might be.