GPS Rentals

Receive a free GPS rental unit when renting a car for a month!

Not sure how to get there?
Rent a GPS! Use it. Return it.

For as low as $4.50 a day you will:

  • never get lost
  • find the point of interest in seconds
  • feel safe knowing where you are at all times
  • avoid toll road highways where you can
  • save your nerves and time

Whether it is for a day or a month, a GPS rental unit will be your perfect trip companion. Not only is it an economical choice but it gets you through those unknown territories saving you loads of time during your travel. Our GPS systems will get you wherever you need to go.

A GPS can be attached in your car while you are driving. If you make a wrong turn it will correct you and get you back on route. Nice and easy. Just program the places that you want to go into the GPS and then follow the vocal instructions. The GPS will give you accurate and detailed directions with realistic arrival times. It’s much easier than a map because there is no need to stop to find out where to go next.

Go in confidence and safety knowing your GPS will always get you where you want to go and get you back safely.
Call us at (877) 260-8663 to book a GPS rental unit to enjoy your stay without worrying about getting around!

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