GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
+1 (647) 427-8800
69 North Queen street
Toronto Ontario M8W 1J1

Compact Class

economy class Hyundai Accent (or similar) **Daily Rate $35.00**
**Weekly Rate $210.00**
**Monthly Rate $800.00**
Please call for details


full size class Ford Taurus (or similar)
**Dayly Rate $40.00**
**Weekly Rate $250.00**
**Monthly Rate $900.00**
Please call for details

Mini Van/7 Seater

minivan Chevy Uplander (or similar) **Daily Rate $50.00**
**Weekly Rate $300.00**
**Monthly Rate $1000.00**
Please call for details

Cheap Сar Rentals in Brampton: Rent a car with Added Discounts

The last thing which you need if you live in a Toronto suburb like Brampton, is to suddenly find yourself without the use of your main home or business vehicle. The good news, however, is that even if your car has suffered a complete breakdown, our cheap rental car hire service can help you get you back on the road in next to no time.

Serving Brampton and all of the surrounding area, our cheap rental car hire service is relied upon every day by everyone from new visitors to Toronto, to people in need of an emergency vehicle replacement service.

Car Rental Toronto 4U Benefits

Whatever the reason why you might be looking for a cheap car rental service in Brampton, we can help. This is because from the minute you book a rental car with us, we strive to make pick up, overall driving experiences, and the return of cars to our Brampton headquarters as easy and convenient as possible.

Unlike other cheap car rental services, we don’t charge extra fees for additional drivers. At the same time, we help our clients save at least 30% on their overall car hire costs when compared to other rental companies in and around Brampton.

About Us

At Car Rental Toronto 4U, we know that getting around can be difficult if you have just had your regular vehicle have to go into the garage. At the same time, if you are moving to or visiting the Brampton area for any length of time, it will always be more convenient to hire a car for the duration of your stay, rather than attempt to get around using public transport.

Do you need a top-quality rental car service to help you with city sightseeing, last minute business use, or even a last minute home move? If so, we maintain a fleet of pickups, sedans, SUV’s and small cars, and can even arrange free pick up and drop off of vehicles. This being the case, don’t wait. Book your cheap Brampton car rental Today!